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Pennie considers working with animals a life-long passion. From a very early age, Pennie was surrounded by a home full of animalsdogs, cats, horsesand later transitioned into pet grooming. Now, with over 25 years of grooming experience, she has gained extensive knowledge in all areas of pet grooming. In 2005, Pennie completed PetSmart's Grooming Academy and moved forward in her education through apprenticeships with master groomers. Pennie combines a true passion with an artistic eye to drive herself as an exceptional and professional dog groomer. She believes the best groomers in the industry are always learning and educating themselves and strives to follow that example by pushing herself to improve every day.

To Pennie, the most rewarding grooming challenge is to be able to read and handle a frightened dog through love, tolerance, and experience. She believes it is a must to have a great deal of patience and trust, as well as the ability to read dogs' body language. Likewise, she is a strong proponent of creating a stress-free grooming experience. Pennie takes pride in ensuring she provides professional services to the community and an even higher level of personal care and attention to each client.